This project is a sort of a snapshot series, through the filter of bipolar disorder. While words can weigh us down at times, I believe they can also free us from social stigmas and ultimately, the isolation that can plague many of us living with this illness. This is not scientific nor is it meant to be informational in any way. I have manic depression, but I am in no way an expert about it. There are many amazing resources that can explain the intricacies of this particular disease, but it looks differently on everyone who wears it. Maybe you can relate or know someone who is dealing with this who you would perhaps like to understand a little better.

Welcome to the conversation already in progress (in my head.)


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  1. merecat
    Jun 08, 2010 @ 02:27:23

    More, please.


  2. merecat
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 04:25:10

    Okay, I confess. I had to look up dichotomy. I should have realized, of course, di=two. Duh.

    You seem to occupy precarious ground. A baby blogger, a toddler, perhaps. Unsteady on your legs, but determined to make it to the closest piece of furniture. For purely selfish reasons, I beg you to soldier on. Movin’ On Up hit me in the gut. The cry of all non-writers: you expressed what for me is inexpressible. Kudos.

    By-the-by, I am a reluctant correspondent, intensely private, like you. I’m a lurker, rarely commenting publicly. Having said that, how about a soupcon of personal information from you: approximate location, work, favorite comfort food, recreational pursuits, favorite china patterns, minutiae…best film ever? Jane Austen – literary goddess or soulless drone? I understand your reluctance, but I like context. Bones on which to hang a little flesh.

    Fill me in or tell me to fuck off, I’ll still check your blog for the latest. However late it may be.

    As they say, thanks in advance,

    Lisa (there – I’ve gone first.)


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